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Established in 2023, Atal The Label is the brainchild of Sanjana Atal and has emerged as a testament to individuality within the fashion domain. With a distinction earned in her masters degree from the London College of Fashion and a background in Fashion Design from RMIT, Australia, Sanjana Atal introduces a brand infused with a deep commitment to minimalism, functionality, and the tireless pursuit of uniqueness.

At the heart of Atal The Label lies a design ethos that transcends transient trends, focusing instead on crafting garments embodying timeless sophistication and contemporary allure. Clean silhouettes, elegant forms, and refined proportions converge to create a collection seamlessly integrating with feminine sensibility.

Embracing transparency and accountability, Atal The Label draws inspiration from architecture, nature, and vintage fashion, prioritising qualitative design over fleeting fads. With a resolute mission to curate collections encapsulating distinctiveness, understated elegance, sophistication, and intellectual craftsmanship, each creation serves as a narrative, aligning effortlessly with the wearer's persona and seamlessly melding into their wardrobe—an emblem of singular expression.

Explore Atal The Label—where every piece radiates minimalist grace and encapsulates the essence of individualistic style, beckoning you to embrace its artistry.

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